19554683_10156338040053012_7732058493604466277_nOh Bother.  My little human is ever changing.  Life isn’t boring I suppose.  Every time she comes (when she comes, sometimes there are many feedings in-between her trips) there is always something new.  When she came back most recently she brought two new tiny humans to ride.  Now, I don’t mind tiny humans; they’re light, easy to carry and trick, and often give treats.  The following days we have ridden inside the arena and out.  On new trails (did the human know where she was going? I think not) and doing exercises we have done for years.  Some days she trims my magnificent mane, others my hooves (not fun).  One thing is the same, she always has cookies.  Which is good.   I like cookies.  I suppose I like my human too.


Oh Ymir, you don’t have much to complain about buddy.  With 24-7 grass (via muzzle), friends to play with and ponds to splash in I can’t think of a better time to be a horse.  I have been getting to the barn sporadically now that Ymir is 30 minutes away and my summer has so far been filled with family fun.   I have 7 more days and then another stretch of six feedings away.  Notice how Ymir counts days haha.  I have continued my efforts in getting him fit, as he taped last week at a whopping 1,225lbs!  Now that’s a Fat Fjord, how embarrassing.  He lives all day in a muzzle, but it doesn’t slow him much.   So on to the trails and canter work we go!  We looked at some new trails yesterday.   I have so much fun with my fjord.  That way? Sure!  Over that make shift bridge of saplings over a washed out road? Maybe. Let me look. Oh. OK. Onward!


When I am out in the woods my mind often wonders (maybe not the best thing? Bears you know) and yesterday it was what Ymir’s sale blurb would look like if he was a truck.  I know, maybe I am spending too much time with my mechanic.  But I also thought it was pretty funny, and so here it is.




2002 Fjord 2C (Too Cute).  Three speed; slow, medium slow, and moderately faster.  Four hoof drive- off road package.  No need to rotate tires.  Bio-fuel only.  Dependable and loving. $1,000,000.





Sorry Ymir I couldn’t help it 😉 I hope that you and all your horse/truck friends have a safe and enjoyable weekend!



2002 Fjord 2C

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