Changing Time(s)

IMG_5759Oh bother.  The human has NOT decided that I deserve a long and food filled retirement after all.  Great.  Two weeks ago it was long walks and some playtime in the arena, last  week riding, and this week; let me tell you about this week!  Lessons!  I mean kids, circles, around and around we go….  I did rather enjoy my time off.  Now I guess it is back to work.  At least the kids bring me treats.  Bother.  Well at least the time with my human seems productive.  Don’t tell her, but I maybe, kinda, enjoy playing and getting out and about.  I do seem to have packed on a couple hundred pounds this winter, but let the human know she is no lightweight will ya?  Goodness least she can do is walk a little and give my poor back a break.  (although she does walk crazy fast, maybe it’s better going my pace?) In other news, the grass is growing.  Hurray! the mud is deep, but drying fast and all that itchy hair is slowly being brushed away.  The human seems excited to be around, and comes every morning to feed me. Life is ok (I mean good).

“There are so many things that can make you happy. Don’t focus too much on things that make you sad” -Winnie the Pooh



Spring has arrived!  With a couple of 70+ days everyone is itching to get outside!  Ymir is right, the grass is growing and the birds are signing. Turkeys are out with their fans up and deer are out every morning.  The red tailed hawks are out and about and the barred owls are singing their love songs in the evening and early morning.  Speaking of early morning, it is the best feeling to be up with the first signs of life, being greeted with an early morning nicker and currently a lot of tail wags and meows (I am house/farm sitting with 4 cats and two dogs along with a flock of chickens and 9 horses and a Pooh Bear). 17862478_10156037371623012_8553860983392623439_n It’s a real farm and boy is it a happy place.  Seasons are changing in their gradual way with sun and warm temperatures and breaks of cold wet (miserable sometimes) weather.  With the spring weather also comes a shift in occupation as Ymir and I gear up for the “lesson” season.  With an under-cover arena I was able to give lessons this week and it was so great!  Two new riders and one returning after a couple year break.

It is also the season for job searches for the coming school year, and without much luck I have been thinking of the changing of times more closely.  So many people tell you to follow your dreams, and not to give up.  I know I return to this (soul) searching season every year.  It is emotionally exhausting to put yourself through the application and interview process for jobs.  After five years of attempting to get that elusive teaching job I am considering signs from the universe.  With every rejection, you ask yourself “am I really not good enough?”  From all of my wonderful supporters I know that that is unlikely, but so hard to hear over and over again.  We’re sorry but you have not been chosen (someone else was better than you).  So why not teach outside of the classroom?  Personally, I have been discouraged by the direction schools are being pushed and would rather not be in a school anyways.  I have not officially decided what I am going to do, but I am searching all of my options.

My focus this summer will be on keeping my lovely fjord happy and healthy. He has struggled with being off and on lame on a circle to the right for a few years now.  One theory is a week stifle, other tests have been inconclusive but I know that at 16 he’s not getting any younger. Essential oils in the barn I am hosting an essential oils for horses clinic and am going
to get more education on how to use them to help my horse and myself.  I hope to learn enough to share with others and use oils as a business through  Young Livingimage1 (4)


I hope that with the spring season of renewal and growth everyone stays happy and healthy.  Ride on the path to your dreams!