A Fjord a Day

15873496_10155672585203012_7487670367623705992_nOh Bother, she wants to blog again.  Blog, that’s a funny word.  Like the sound humans make as they haul hay  through the slush, ice, and wet heavy snow.  Oh humans.  My human keeps teasing me by pulling this plastic-y thing out of her pocket every morning. She should be pulling treats out of her pocket!  I’ll give her credit, sometimes she does give me cookies.  Although, like this morning, I had to share my cookies with the OTHERS. I don’t know what posses her to think that they have the right to my cookies, but she says it is polite. HA.

We haven’t been up to much, eating and sleeping mostly.  The sun has started to stick around a bit longer and my yearly shed has begun.  It is nice to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer I just wish it wouldn’t itch so much on the way out!

Ymir (and the gang)


Cat (front) Cracker (brown) and Tyme (back) enjoy the sun and treats


My silly fjord.  Don’t worry, I won’t skimp on the cookies, even if we have to share  😉  It has been a slow, work filled winter.  Between school, after school program, and teaching skiing Saturdays poor Ymir hasn’t had a whole lot of attention.  In fact, other than going to his stall for dinner I am pretty sure he hasn’t been out of the pasture in at least a month and a half.  How embarrassing.  He however, I am sure, is enjoying his time off.  He is the ruler of the herd and loves every minute of it.  Hopefully he isn’t too board…. Our time to play will come again after the ice (we’ve had quite a lot of that) melts away I plan on focusing on our trail riding and fitness this year.  I don’t really make resolutions on new years, just not something we did in our family.  I do  like to look forward to summer and focus on what skills/ goals we want to work towards.  Of course, level 4 lingers in my mind, and with a little tuning I am sure we could get there, but at what cost does a flying change on a tight figure 8 come?  Ymir can do them, I have it on video a couple years ago.  However, his soundness on a circle (despite many vet, chiropractic, and massage opinions and checks) is always questionable.  I have always known that we are happiest outside the


Barn sunrises are the best

arena, and I am hoping that that passion will help me stay on track for this goal.  Maybe a competitive trail or even more exciting a mountain trail class is in our future?  Last year I was seriously considering bringing Ymir to the Massachusetts Equine Affair Versatile Horse and Rider competition.  I even went so far as to video and audition.  But when the time came for me to decide, I was too slow and missed the entry date.  It was meant to be as Ymir went “off” on a circle again and with my new job we would not have made much of an impression.  This year could be different!  Starting in the spring will give us much more time to practice and watching last year gave me some ideas.



Even Tyme enjoys snuggles

So Ymir and I continue our journey.  As we go along we have many followers.  My school community is so supportive of my horse endeavors, everyone commenting that they love the early morning pictures (even if they disappoint Ymir when he thinks I am reaching for cookies and instead pull out my phone).  It has become a thing, everyone waiting for the pony pictures to arrive on facebook in the morning.  The sun is still hanging in the sky as I return home, and there may be a ride in my future.  Wishing you all the best,




Lots of barn help around here 🙂



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