A Positive Purpose


Selfies 🙂

Humans are funny creatures. They have a strange sense of time and more anxiety than is normal and healthy for any animal to have.  I wish they would understand this simple concept: Living is the purpose of life.  I mean really.  In order to have a good life all I have to do is live.  Eat, drink, sleep- survive.  That’s it.  I eat, the humans feed me more, make sure all of my limbs are still attached and the rest is up to me.  The humans seem to think that what happened last year, yesterday and five minutes ago defines how they live.  Humans a secret- “be present, it is the only moment that matters” (yes I am a googling fjord, I can find quotes too).    That being said, My human and I have been pretty busy over the last few months.  We have gone “home” and entertained small humans.  We have been to the place with a lot of horses and done some riding.  Both the small human and My human seemed pretty pleased with me that day.  We have come back to the place with the big play space and my gelding herd.  We have had lessons, clinics, and trail rides.  All good.  The last few days the human seems to be on a new mission.  We have been doing all kinds of strange new things, dragging tarps (ok, maybe not new, but interesting) backing through mazes, stepping on the pedestal, jumping barrels and opening gates.  I wonder what that tricky human is up to?IMG_5035



He should go for sainthoood

My horse is constantly teaching me things.  I am most and least confident when working with horses.  They have so much to show us!  As I transition between jobs (what’s next nobody knows) I find it hard to not know what will happen next.  It is also a bit lonely working your horse alone most of the time and for a couple weeks I was really down about the whole situation.  Thank goodness for Ymir.  He reminded me that in order to be happy all you need to do is appreciate your life, what you DO have.  He is there everyday, come rain or shine and mostly  willing to do what I suggest 😉  IMG_4722We have been to a schooling show at GMHA and a clinic with Heidi Potter at home, where he got a chance to teach someone else all he knew as I took a young filly for more experience.  When we got back to our lessons the main focus was learning to listen.  After playing a find the herd game to make sure our connection was strong it was time to see what HE wanted to do.  That day it was playing with small and large circles at liberty.  It was so cool!  We are now putting that listening to work each time we play.  Ymir is also right, we have been doing some interesting obstacles and playing with speed in the ring.  It has always been a dream of mine to take him to the Equine Affair at the Big-E in November and do the Versatile horse and rider challenge.  My focus- practice enough and be connected so that doing the actual competition looks smooth and happy not forced and rushed like so many rides can be in that situation.  We have a pretty good handle on obstacles it will be the atmosphere that will be challenging.  We have two months and I am super excited to give a purpose to my riding time.  Happy trails!



Making new sheep friends at home 🙂 baaaaaa

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