Spring Growth


Dear Diary,

7:00- Humans open the door to my stall.  Why do they even bother to shut it? Don’t they know it is dark and stuffy in here?  Hay- boring

7:45- GRAIN! FOOD! Hudson try’s to steel it, don’t worry I tell him off, no one gets my grain.

8:00- Humans take me outside, yay! Squeal and make faces at friends, life is good.

10:00-3:00 Humans give me hay, chat with friends, listen to birds, spook at squirrels take naps in the sun. Sometimes MY human comes to play.  She seems to be on a liberty streak.  I have conveniently “forgotten” flying changes.  It is also fun to roll in the arena and throw a party for myself. After all I have been stuck in this little pen or the stall for hours. 

3:30- Hay- boring

4:00- GRAIN! FOOD! Hudson still wants mine. Not happening kid.

4:30- MY human comes here sometimes. Other humans disappear until night check.  I wonder where they go?  Why do they get to go outside?

9:00- Night check, hay-boring.  Door shut, guess it is bed time.  Waiting until morning, I wonder where the humans sleep?


Hello Friends,

Ymir and I have kept busy these last few cold/warm/rainy weeks.  The weather has been unpredictable but our routine hasn’t changed much.  We have been practicing Liberty and working on finesse to build some muscle back, he was looking a little scraggly but is hopefully back on his way to full Pooh Bear size very soon.  After a visit from the chiropractor and a new saddle fit we should be good to go!  I had the opportunity to bring him back to Thetford for a few days and a lesson with Sarah Grimm.  I have been taking lessons with Sarah and a rescue horse with great results and wanted to know just what Ymir and I could do under her guidance.


My buddy “Willie Wonka” what an amazing rescue of the sweetest horse 🙂

My main focus- getting the trailer loading and pedestal that I need to finish off my Parelli Level 4 Liberty audition.  I was not disappointed. Ymir was a bit wild with the snow falling off the roof (quite loudly).  However, like the champ he is we were able to start playing the seeking game.  It looks and feels a bit like a squeeze but the idea is to make the thing you would like them to seek either a jump or trailer or pedestal by creating a comfortable space, allowing them to go slow away and then twice as energized back.  It really works!  Although, we are still working on the slow away and turn back fast at liberty it has really increased his seeking drive.  We are now working on finishing liberty level 4.  For the last few months studying with Sarah we have been working on not being attached to the end result, and energy as a gift rather than energy being pressure to MAKE them move.  Energy as a gift puts the decision more on their side.  They can see the energy coming, hopefully read the picture the human is attempting to communicate and then move accordingly.  It is a lot of fun to play with.  Ymir has really appreciated the energy not being constant pressure but rather little bursts that can be as subtle or as big as necessary to get the picture across.  Basically, how light can you be?


He is then transferring his knowledge in principal number 8- Humans teach horses and horses teach humans.  We have been working with an 8 year old student who just adores horses.  I am trying to instill in her the love of the horse not just as a means to ride but as a living, breathing, feeling and thinking animal, and it has paid off.  Every day Ymir teaches her something new about how light to be, how to change things up and not do the same patterns all the time, and how to truly enjoy the journey with your horse.  It has been spectacular to watch them both grow and change through this process and I could not be more proud of both of them.


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