The Best of Us

tire squeeze

Oh bother. When I first met my human, there was no way I ever thought we would be here (wherever “here” is). 8 grass seasons ago this human and my other feed bringer showed up at the place I was born. It was a wonderful place, full of horses and friends just like me. After a quick jaunt around the ring they disappeared into their stable. When they came back I was brought to a tin box, loaded (reluctantly I might add) and brought to the place I would spend the next 8 grass seasons at. Although I wasn’t sure at first, it eventually became home with friends, humans to feed us, and little humans to adore us.  

kids find Ymir wherever he goes

  Life was good. Then my human became mine, and away we went, spending the hay season in Farmington Maine and Thetford Vermont. We played, worked and traveled. Now we play work and graze.  
All of which is great, especially the grazing part because apparently in this place horses live in tiny pastures my human calls a pen. But get this, my pen has food, water, a bed and a bathroom which is convo envy located next to or even in bed! What a soft warm bed it is. I don’t understand why the human says I am a disgusting horse in the morning, I was just sleeping it is not nice to hear such a thing in the morning.  
We have also met The Man With Needles. I don’t know what I have ever done to him but after poking and proding places all over my body he stuck needles in me! And I don’t mean just one! It did make some pain go away, but really, Needles!?  

 Anyways it seemed to make my human happy and I got to graze for a while after so all is going well. The human also introduced another man. He was like the man who gives me my pedicure but he nailed on these silly heavy things to my feet. They are lighter and more comfortable than the boots my human was putting on me, but they still feel a little funny. Oooo is that my human? Maybe we will go graze? See ya later,



Hello everyone!

We have come a long way Ymir and I. He was 5 and I was 16 when we first met. I vividly remember his reluctance to come home with us, and his reaction to my sneeze when we got home, which was “JUMP”! He has since gotten used to many things, like sneezes and trailer rides and I am extreamly grateful to have him as my pony partner.  

 He is wonderful, fustrating, and funny all at the same time. He is also super smart, keeping us safe and getting us into trouble from one moment to the next. This week we went down “skooch mountain” a very steep slide hill on the ranch. I swear as he saw others going down he got more and more excited, looking over the edge and saying we should try it. I knew he could do it, he is a mountain horse after all, but I as the sure I wouldn’t faint on the way down 😉 going down that hill was one of the many times I felt him really taking care of me. Our instructions were to go as straight as possible and not let them get sideways… Easier said then done for most, but my trusty pony took us down slowly and surely with not a crooked line in sight.


skooch mountain

As we came across the country I told myself it was wrong to bring him through all this, and everyone said I would be happy to have him with me. They could not have been more right. He has been my family and rock away from home. He has kept us safe from mountains and mountain lions, and is showing me just how much he tries to please. Today in Pat’s playground he went through the tire squeeze without hesitation. He stood still as a bee buzzed around him, and he let me crawl up the tires and asked if I wanted a ride. It was so cool to see him step sideways towards where I was standing politely giving me the ok to ride.  

 I have one amazing pony, and as we enter our 4th week of intensive horsemanship training I know it will only get better 🙂 remember to hug your horse today, they do so much for us.