The learning curve

OK. She warned me. Really, I know she did. However, nothing prepared me for what was coming. I was in the tin box for THREE WHOLE DAYS! When I say whole days I mean 8 am to 1:30am more than I have ever dreamed of being in said box. And when she finally let me out… Toto I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore! Or are we? I even got a couple of trailer rubs from trying to stay on my feet over the super bumpy roads. Anyways we finally made it to a place that we seem to be staying at for a while. Sadly this place has pens not pastures but whenever we go out to ride or play I can usually get a snack 😉 We have played online, liberty, and freestyle and you would not believe the amount of circles we have had to do! The ground is as hard as a packed dirt road back home, and just as rocky. So I have been wearing my boots all day, my feet are happy but boy or boy are those this heav-y! It seems ok here and the other horses are nice and I see my human all the time, so for now I guess I can’t complain. 

My dad warned me, he said it was a long ride, but I don’t know how long! Traveling to Colorado should be done in five days not three! Ymir was a trooper, even loading after 16+ hours the day before he was wonderful. Now that we are on campus we have started to settle into a rhythm and both horses and humans seem relaxed (or is that just exhaustion?) and happy to be here. Living on campus I am often the first or second person down in the morning and Ymir is always happy to see his breakfast… Erm… Human first thing in the morning. And they have iced coffee here in the machine every morning, bonus! It has been quiet the learning experience even in the first week! We have done a little bit of everything so our instructors can get to know us and our horses. Ymir has been a trooper, and I am pleased with how much he has tried this week. For us it is hard to do what we don’t know, most of the other students have been studying for much longer than we have, but what we lack in knowledge we make up for in try 🙂 the weekends are quiet and relaxed unless we are required to go to an event and this weeks got canceled so this morning we just hung out and grazed a bit with no pressure or hurry. He also gave pony rides to a couple of course-mates who were dying to ride a fjord 😉 I am looking forward to what the next week will bring, after my nap 🙂


grazing on campus


looking out at the “big top”


the tin box …


pagosa mountains


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