May the Road Rise to Meet You

Oh Bother,

The little human has gone off the deep end.  We ride and play every day, twice a day.  Why so much exercise?  Is it really necessary to trot for a mile? There are some benefits to the extra attention and even the exercise.  I get a special hay-like treat.  It is like hay, but better!  She calls it “alfalfa” the carrots are an extra bonus as well 🙂  We have been on all the trails around the barn, and on both roads.  The covered bridge is no longer my enemy!  With all four boots on the roads have become bearable

Enjoying the River Road view.

Enjoying the River Road view.

and a whole new world has opened up.  We have seen ducks, bikes, motorcycles, people, and dogs.  It has been a little exciting, and a bit well, scary.  But don’t tell the human I said that, she thinks I am “the worlds bravest pony” – her words, not mine.  I am also “the best pony in the whole universe” also her words but I completely agree.


Hello everyone!

It has been a crazy last few weeks!  Ymir and I have been trying to ride twice a day leading up to our trip and it has paid off.  Monday we did some liberty work that really was fantastic.  Even when I tried to send him away he came back to me, it was a neat feeling.  Then because he was so good I just hopped on bareback and bridle-less and he did everything I asked.  I can’t put it into words how amazing it felt to be so in tune.  I hope we can keep up that work!  Meanwhile, my dad has been working endlessly to get the truck and trailer ready for our adventure.

Fourth of July Fireworks

Fourth of July Fireworks

First taking off the dump body on the truck then re-installing the fifth-wheel plate onto the frame and building a new bed around it.  He has dubbed the truck George, and so now with the the Kings George and Henry we have started a theme… We put them together for the first time in the new configuration last night and with any luck will hit the road on tuesday.

George and Henry together at last :)

George and Henry together at last 🙂

Our plans for the trip out are set, and we have gotten confirmation about the drop-off day at the Parelli campus.  It is all very close now!  I can’t believe it all started just under a year ago, and how far we have come.  Ymir and I continue to grow our relationship and my ability to speak horse every day.  We both have 5 days now of vacation while I go with my family to Maine, and he gets some much deserved rest.  Thanks to everyone who has supported us on the journey, May the horse be with you!

Putting the plate in

Putting the plate in


The truck helper, Little Grey Cat

The truck helper, Little Grey Cat

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