Ponies Gone Wild

1511592_10153790361003012_3031533876195830735_nYippie! Spring is in the air, and with spring comes mud to roll in, mud to splash through, and trails to explore.  My human has kept her promise to work with both of us mudballs and sometimes we even work together.  This is a nice change most of the time.  Except the times that the devil pony tries to take chunks out of my hide, don’t ask me why she does this.  We have been going out on the road and have taken a couple new ways out, which is always fun.  The human has also decided to play more without the thing that goes on my head, a welcome change.  The new work is interesting and really gets me excited.  We even worked out on the playground the other day turning on the tire pedestal and loading into the trailer.  She said I would be riding one next weekend but I am not sure exactly what that means… Oh well, maybe it will bring me somewhere fun.


Hello there!  Ymir, Ruach and I have been having a great spring.  Of course the mud abounds but it isn’t neck deep so there is an end in sight.  IMG_20150415_172102_001I have been working with Ru on the ground and ponying off Ymir who is a champ even when Ru is trying to bite him :/ She has gotten much better at leading transitions and not biting me, and is very brave on the roads with Ymir.  She has learned to line up for mounting just like uncle Ymir, and is working on the same liberty techniques.  I groom her every chance I get working with her hind end but she is still super sensitive.  Anything that “bothers” her is fair game for a little cow kick, including her hay net.   Ymir and I will be going to a clinic with Heidi Potter next week on trail, versatility and centered riding.  We both love Heidi so I am really looking forward to it 🙂  Ru will be going back “home” soon and Ymir and I will prepare for the big push to Colorado.  Less than 100 days now until our 10 weeks at the Parelli Education Institute.  I am IMG_20150331_170614_046really proud of Ymir’s (and Ru’s) liberty work.  I have been watching the Jonathan Field horsemanship Liberty DVD’s and I am really liking his style and the results.  Onward and Upward!  Take a look at our work today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVEcAwpT3kY Have a great week!