A Tale of Two

11081075_10153740747233012_6610242836538065825_nOh Bother.  The human has gone and brought another horse to the barn.  It was great just her and I, long walks down the road, eating carrots ringside…. Those were the days.  Now, the little devil pony from my past has come back to haunt me, and eat my carrots.  I know my human didn’t want me to be lonely and all when she isn’t here, but to bring THIS pony, why?  She is so cute and little that even I find her worming her way into my heart and even my food dish.  No other horse can do that!  How does she do that!?  Now whenever my human comes to play with me we always have to play with HER too.  It does have its advantages.  Like when she is working with the pony I get to wander around and scrounge up a little hay and grain that has been dropped in the indoor, but that also means that Ru is getting the carrots and I am not.  Still, my human doesn’t forget me and secretly I know she loves me best, even if I have to share 🙂



Ymir is thrilled to have Ru visit


As spring approaches, well technically I guess it is here but it was below freezing with snowflakes falling from the sky yesterday I have added a horse to my daily plan.  Ruach was born on ‘our farm’ nearly 6 years ago.  We camped out in the barn for days and days waiting for her, and of course the one night we don’t sleep in the barn Molly decided to foal.  Ruach is a medium-high spirit Left Brain Extrovert with a lot of play drive, and an eye for the naughty.  She likes to move quickly and is super smart.10425173_10153740747173012_1323290077899458003_n  I have of course worked with her before but this month will hopefully be consistent work to make sure her space and respect skills are up to par.  We will also be working on liberty and double liberty with Ymir.  I am also testing Ymir’s skills as a ponying horse.  Yesterday was a good start.  Riding Ymir and leading Ruach (or Ru as we call her) is as fun as it is challenging and I look forward to doing a lot more in the coming month, getting them both ‘legged up’ for the season.  My last two rides on Ymir have been AMAZING we have been working on correct posture and bend on the ground and it is really translating to our riding, the canter is where I feel it the most, he feels like a fancy pony!  Yesterday’s task was all about the downward transitions and making them balanced without pulling out my arms as he likes to duck his head down right after the transition.  It was really hard for him to come balanced from canter to trot but as an added bonus his upward transition from trot to canter is coming along really well.  He even worked up a good sweat!  I can’t wait for what the next few rides will bring.  Happy mud season!


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