My Human is Crazy

My human is a bit ADD. ¬†She always starts by bushing me, which I love. Almost as much as I like to eat ūüėČ ¬†However, she never sticks to just brushing. ¬†Next thing I know it turns into a game where she runs and expects me to run after her. ¬†I like to lag behind a bit and see if she will come back and give me a treat if I look pitiful enough. Sadly, it never seems to work out for me. ¬†Then some days we ride in the ring, sometimes she expects me to jump over obstacles, sometimes we¬†ride for a few minutes then then she changes her mind again and we go for a walk outside. ¬†Well you get the idea.

Fjords can jump too

Fjords can jump too

I don’t know why but whenever we go out lately she ties these loud ringing bells on my back. She says it is the season to be jolly but man those things are loud. ¬†Sometimes she chases me in a circle and sometimes expects me to stand on a tiny block of wood. ¬†Trust me, if you were a 1,000 pound animal trying to stand on a 2 foot square you would look funny too. Then there are the times she stands on my back and shifts around up there, why bother moving if just sitting in one place is normally good enough? ¬†I will never know. ¬†Sometimes she lets the little humans ride. ¬†While they are lighter, they are often bouncy and loud. ¬†At least I get extra treats after they leave, and they are well adapt at giving hugs and good brushings. ¬†Needless to say I never know for sure what we will do when she shows up, but I know I will always get food and hugs, and that is a very good thing.

Yours truly,



I am so cute, give me a treat

Hello All!  Ymir and I had a great time yesterday doing a little vaulting.  I feel a bit bad for him, he is probably right I always have something different to do.  He has a pretty consistent couple of weeks coming up though.  We are going to be filming our level 3 Liberty audition.  Auditions are 10 minutes long and filmed without editing, all in one shot. We recently tried to do the videoing but were a bit unprepared.  After a conference with my Parelli mentor we are back on track to get the audition done.

Dashing through the snow

Dashing through the snow

In Liberty I must show that I can use two barrels either for a squeeze through or over them, and a pedestal. ¬†I also have to show that I can lead him with my hands but without a halter. ¬†I will show that he can walk and trot in a circle around me in both directions with smooth upward and downward transitions as well as doing a figure 8 at the walk. ¬†The rest of the time we show what we can do at liberty. ¬†Ymir is very good at the “stick to me” game so I know that will be part of the audition. ¬†Currently I am working with him the most on the circles and figure 8. ¬†Sometimes he would rather go see if someone else has something better to offer rather than stick around and play with me. ¬†During my latest meeting with my mentor we talked about how Liberty looks smooth but is really a series of very separate games with a reward after each game rather than moving too quickly from one place to the other.

I hope to film my Liberty in the next two weeks so look for the link to that soon! ¬†In other news I got my photos back today! Yay! ¬†So I have included a couple of my favorites from our session ūüôā

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!




From the Green Mountains to the Rocky Mountains


What are you waiting for? Ymir and I get ready to practice our freestyle audition.

The new year is fast approaching and with it come some pretty exciting adventures! ¬†For those of you who don’t know Amy and/or Ymir, welcome ūüôā ¬†My name is Amy and I live in Vermont with my family and my super-pony Ymir. ¬†I graduated from the University of Maine Farmington in 2013 with a degree in Elementary Education and have been looking to start my career. ¬†However, teaching jobs are competitive and, well, who wouldn’t want to be playing with horses instead? ¬†So, while I am waiting for “real life” to hit I am adding to my career path by attending Parelli University in Pagosa Springs Colorado. ¬†At the end of our 10 weeks I will be eligible to take the Parelli Professionals entrance exam andI intend to become a Parelli natural horsemanship instructor.

In order to take this class Ymir and I must be level 3 Parelli students in Online, Liberty and Freestyle riding. ¬†Online is when you are connected to your horse via a 22 or 45 foot rope doing different maneuvers and patterns. ¬†Liberty is many of the same maneuvers and patterns only without the rope. ¬†Your horse must trust and connect with you to do these patterns ‘at liberty’. Freestyle riding is riding without a bridle. ¬†This means that the horse has to be specifically trained to listen to subtle body cues and it takes a lot of trust from both horse and rider.

Currently I have passed level 2 and am working on auditions for level 3. ¬†Each of the three disciplines, called savys in Parelli language has requirements to pass each level through sending in a 10 minute video to the folks in Pagosa Springs. ¬†Ymir and I currently send in monthly videos to a three star Parelli instructor in Montana who is helping us prepare for Colorado. ¬†We will be filming and sending in our level 3 auditions very soon, everyone will be able to watch these videos through youtube to see what exactly we are up to. ¬†To see our previous videos here’s a link ¬†to my youtube channel¬† ¬†Subscribe to be notified when I upload a new video.


All ready to skijor! Who’s up for some skiing?

This blog will keep everyone involved in what Ymir and I are up to in these months leading up to our trip.  From giving lessons to young children, to vaulting camps, freestyle riding, and skijoringIMG_20141222_135827_077 there is always something interesting that we are trying. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as we will. Thank you to all who have offered support, kind words and helped kickstart my gofundme account!

“If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough”