19554683_10156338040053012_7732058493604466277_nOh Bother.  My little human is ever changing.  Life isn’t boring I suppose.  Every time she comes (when she comes, sometimes there are many feedings in-between her trips) there is always something new.  When she came back most recently she brought two new tiny humans to ride.  Now, I don’t mind tiny humans; they’re light, easy to carry and trick, and often give treats.  The following days we have ridden inside the arena and out.  On new trails (did the human know where she was going? I think not) and doing exercises we have done for years.  Some days she trims my magnificent mane, others my hooves (not fun).  One thing is the same, she always has cookies.  Which is good.   I like cookies.  I suppose I like my human too.


Oh Ymir, you don’t have much to complain about buddy.  With 24-7 grass (via muzzle), friends to play with and ponds to splash in I can’t think of a better time to be a horse.  I have been getting to the barn sporadically now that Ymir is 30 minutes away and my summer has so far been filled with family fun.   I have 7 more days and then another stretch of six feedings away.  Notice how Ymir counts days haha.  I have continued my efforts in getting him fit, as he taped last week at a whopping 1,225lbs!  Now that’s a Fat Fjord, how embarrassing.  He lives all day in a muzzle, but it doesn’t slow him much.   So on to the trails and canter work we go!  We looked at some new trails yesterday.   I have so much fun with my fjord.  That way? Sure!  Over that make shift bridge of saplings over a washed out road? Maybe. Let me look. Oh. OK. Onward!


When I am out in the woods my mind often wonders (maybe not the best thing? Bears you know) and yesterday it was what Ymir’s sale blurb would look like if he was a truck.  I know, maybe I am spending too much time with my mechanic.  But I also thought it was pretty funny, and so here it is.




2002 Fjord 2C (Too Cute).  Three speed; slow, medium slow, and moderately faster.  Four hoof drive- off road package.  No need to rotate tires.  Bio-fuel only.  Dependable and loving. $1,000,000.





Sorry Ymir I couldn’t help it 😉 I hope that you and all your horse/truck friends have a safe and enjoyable weekend!



2002 Fjord 2C

Changing Time(s)

IMG_5759Oh bother.  The human has NOT decided that I deserve a long and food filled retirement after all.  Great.  Two weeks ago it was long walks and some playtime in the arena, last  week riding, and this week; let me tell you about this week!  Lessons!  I mean kids, circles, around and around we go….  I did rather enjoy my time off.  Now I guess it is back to work.  At least the kids bring me treats.  Bother.  Well at least the time with my human seems productive.  Don’t tell her, but I maybe, kinda, enjoy playing and getting out and about.  I do seem to have packed on a couple hundred pounds this winter, but let the human know she is no lightweight will ya?  Goodness least she can do is walk a little and give my poor back a break.  (although she does walk crazy fast, maybe it’s better going my pace?) In other news, the grass is growing.  Hurray! the mud is deep, but drying fast and all that itchy hair is slowly being brushed away.  The human seems excited to be around, and comes every morning to feed me. Life is ok (I mean good).

“There are so many things that can make you happy. Don’t focus too much on things that make you sad” -Winnie the Pooh



Spring has arrived!  With a couple of 70+ days everyone is itching to get outside!  Ymir is right, the grass is growing and the birds are signing. Turkeys are out with their fans up and deer are out every morning.  The red tailed hawks are out and about and the barred owls are singing their love songs in the evening and early morning.  Speaking of early morning, it is the best feeling to be up with the first signs of life, being greeted with an early morning nicker and currently a lot of tail wags and meows (I am house/farm sitting with 4 cats and two dogs along with a flock of chickens and 9 horses and a Pooh Bear). 17862478_10156037371623012_8553860983392623439_n It’s a real farm and boy is it a happy place.  Seasons are changing in their gradual way with sun and warm temperatures and breaks of cold wet (miserable sometimes) weather.  With the spring weather also comes a shift in occupation as Ymir and I gear up for the “lesson” season.  With an under-cover arena I was able to give lessons this week and it was so great!  Two new riders and one returning after a couple year break.

It is also the season for job searches for the coming school year, and without much luck I have been thinking of the changing of times more closely.  So many people tell you to follow your dreams, and not to give up.  I know I return to this (soul) searching season every year.  It is emotionally exhausting to put yourself through the application and interview process for jobs.  After five years of attempting to get that elusive teaching job I am considering signs from the universe.  With every rejection, you ask yourself “am I really not good enough?”  From all of my wonderful supporters I know that that is unlikely, but so hard to hear over and over again.  We’re sorry but you have not been chosen (someone else was better than you).  So why not teach outside of the classroom?  Personally, I have been discouraged by the direction schools are being pushed and would rather not be in a school anyways.  I have not officially decided what I am going to do, but I am searching all of my options.

My focus this summer will be on keeping my lovely fjord happy and healthy. He has struggled with being off and on lame on a circle to the right for a few years now.  One theory is a week stifle, other tests have been inconclusive but I know that at 16 he’s not getting any younger. Essential oils in the barn I am hosting an essential oils for horses clinic and am going
to get more education on how to use them to help my horse and myself.  I hope to learn enough to share with others and use oils as a business through  Young Livingimage1 (4)


I hope that with the spring season of renewal and growth everyone stays happy and healthy.  Ride on the path to your dreams!



A Fjord a Day

15873496_10155672585203012_7487670367623705992_nOh Bother, she wants to blog again.  Blog, that’s a funny word.  Like the sound humans make as they haul hay  through the slush, ice, and wet heavy snow.  Oh humans.  My human keeps teasing me by pulling this plastic-y thing out of her pocket every morning. She should be pulling treats out of her pocket!  I’ll give her credit, sometimes she does give me cookies.  Although, like this morning, I had to share my cookies with the OTHERS. I don’t know what posses her to think that they have the right to my cookies, but she says it is polite. HA.

We haven’t been up to much, eating and sleeping mostly.  The sun has started to stick around a bit longer and my yearly shed has begun.  It is nice to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer I just wish it wouldn’t itch so much on the way out!

Ymir (and the gang)


Cat (front) Cracker (brown) and Tyme (back) enjoy the sun and treats


My silly fjord.  Don’t worry, I won’t skimp on the cookies, even if we have to share  😉  It has been a slow, work filled winter.  Between school, after school program, and teaching skiing Saturdays poor Ymir hasn’t had a whole lot of attention.  In fact, other than going to his stall for dinner I am pretty sure he hasn’t been out of the pasture in at least a month and a half.  How embarrassing.  He however, I am sure, is enjoying his time off.  He is the ruler of the herd and loves every minute of it.  Hopefully he isn’t too board…. Our time to play will come again after the ice (we’ve had quite a lot of that) melts away I plan on focusing on our trail riding and fitness this year.  I don’t really make resolutions on new years, just not something we did in our family.  I do  like to look forward to summer and focus on what skills/ goals we want to work towards.  Of course, level 4 lingers in my mind, and with a little tuning I am sure we could get there, but at what cost does a flying change on a tight figure 8 come?  Ymir can do them, I have it on video a couple years ago.  However, his soundness on a circle (despite many vet, chiropractic, and massage opinions and checks) is always questionable.  I have always known that we are happiest outside the


Barn sunrises are the best

arena, and I am hoping that that passion will help me stay on track for this goal.  Maybe a competitive trail or even more exciting a mountain trail class is in our future?  Last year I was seriously considering bringing Ymir to the Massachusetts Equine Affair Versatile Horse and Rider competition.  I even went so far as to video and audition.  But when the time came for me to decide, I was too slow and missed the entry date.  It was meant to be as Ymir went “off” on a circle again and with my new job we would not have made much of an impression.  This year could be different!  Starting in the spring will give us much more time to practice and watching last year gave me some ideas.



Even Tyme enjoys snuggles

So Ymir and I continue our journey.  As we go along we have many followers.  My school community is so supportive of my horse endeavors, everyone commenting that they love the early morning pictures (even if they disappoint Ymir when he thinks I am reaching for cookies and instead pull out my phone).  It has become a thing, everyone waiting for the pony pictures to arrive on facebook in the morning.  The sun is still hanging in the sky as I return home, and there may be a ride in my future.  Wishing you all the best,




Lots of barn help around here 🙂



Why Doesn’t He Run Away?

Oh bother.  My human must be working a lot.  I see her every so often, either a quick visit with cookies or even a ride now and then. We have had quite a few good weather trail rides,


a couple of hop on bareback in the ring rides and just yesterday she decided I was a dressage horse again. When not with my human I have just been chilling, getting my winter coat all grown in and ready.  screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-12-15-09-pmThe hay arrives in the morning and the grain and hay is welcome in the afternoon.  It’s a pretty good life 🙂




Horse. People. Horses and people.  As with most things in this life there is more than one way to achieve a goal.  For example, 1+3=4 but so does 2+2 and 4+0.  Now if you are looking only at the end goal of getting 4, there is no right or wrong way of getting there.  To each their own, even this week I was discussing another topic and was reminded of the old saying “Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how wrong it may be (to you).”  This is something I have been mulling over for a couple months now, thinking about right and wrong ways to go about things.  Can you tell the education system is wearing on my psyche? This transfers to many aspects of life, and besides our education system, horsemanship is something I am often thinking about and how people can use SO many ways to get to the same goal of sitting on and hoping to direct a large animal in the direction of our choosing.img_5212

I was talking recently to a family friend who has been immersed in the “horse world” all of their life.  When showing them a video of Ymir and I doing liberty, specifically trailer loading (click for trailer loading video) and going on the pedistal their immediate reaction was “why doesn’t he run away?”  Without hesitation my answer was “why would he?”.   Here is a person who grew up with and around horses, and they want to know why my horse doesn’t “run away” in the arena when I ask him to perform a task at liberty.  That scares me.  So I ask everyone reading this with horses, what happens when you take the halter off in an arena?  Sure sometime Ymir thinks that being free in the arena is just another opportunity to visit the buffet, but with our prior preparation and help from our mentors my whole goal is to have him not run away, but seek me out as a leader of our herd.  I want to have a relationship with my horse.  He is not a tool, a means to an end for me, and I know there are many, many people out there just like me.  But what happens if they don’t know what they could have?  Maybe Ymir and I will live out our lives two very happy herd members, and if we can inspire someone to reach for that next level in their relationship we can also give that joy to others (and how cool is that).  When you are with your horse next ask yourself what is it about you and your time together that would make them want to be part of your herd? What about the people around you?  Co-workers, family, friends, what do you offer that makes them feel valued and important to you.  For imperfect inspiration feel free to watch our latest liberty session. Ymir October Liberty




A Positive Purpose


Selfies 🙂

Humans are funny creatures. They have a strange sense of time and more anxiety than is normal and healthy for any animal to have.  I wish they would understand this simple concept: Living is the purpose of life.  I mean really.  In order to have a good life all I have to do is live.  Eat, drink, sleep- survive.  That’s it.  I eat, the humans feed me more, make sure all of my limbs are still attached and the rest is up to me.  The humans seem to think that what happened last year, yesterday and five minutes ago defines how they live.  Humans a secret- “be present, it is the only moment that matters” (yes I am a googling fjord, I can find quotes too).    That being said, My human and I have been pretty busy over the last few months.  We have gone “home” and entertained small humans.  We have been to the place with a lot of horses and done some riding.  Both the small human and My human seemed pretty pleased with me that day.  We have come back to the place with the big play space and my gelding herd.  We have had lessons, clinics, and trail rides.  All good.  The last few days the human seems to be on a new mission.  We have been doing all kinds of strange new things, dragging tarps (ok, maybe not new, but interesting) backing through mazes, stepping on the pedestal, jumping barrels and opening gates.  I wonder what that tricky human is up to?IMG_5035



He should go for sainthoood

My horse is constantly teaching me things.  I am most and least confident when working with horses.  They have so much to show us!  As I transition between jobs (what’s next nobody knows) I find it hard to not know what will happen next.  It is also a bit lonely working your horse alone most of the time and for a couple weeks I was really down about the whole situation.  Thank goodness for Ymir.  He reminded me that in order to be happy all you need to do is appreciate your life, what you DO have.  He is there everyday, come rain or shine and mostly  willing to do what I suggest 😉  IMG_4722We have been to a schooling show at GMHA and a clinic with Heidi Potter at home, where he got a chance to teach someone else all he knew as I took a young filly for more experience.  When we got back to our lessons the main focus was learning to listen.  After playing a find the herd game to make sure our connection was strong it was time to see what HE wanted to do.  That day it was playing with small and large circles at liberty.  It was so cool!  We are now putting that listening to work each time we play.  Ymir is also right, we have been doing some interesting obstacles and playing with speed in the ring.  It has always been a dream of mine to take him to the Equine Affair at the Big-E in November and do the Versatile horse and rider challenge.  My focus- practice enough and be connected so that doing the actual competition looks smooth and happy not forced and rushed like so many rides can be in that situation.  We have a pretty good handle on obstacles it will be the atmosphere that will be challenging.  We have two months and I am super excited to give a purpose to my riding time.  Happy trails!



Making new sheep friends at home 🙂 baaaaaa

Spring Growth


Dear Diary,

7:00- Humans open the door to my stall.  Why do they even bother to shut it? Don’t they know it is dark and stuffy in here?  Hay- boring

7:45- GRAIN! FOOD! Hudson try’s to steel it, don’t worry I tell him off, no one gets my grain.

8:00- Humans take me outside, yay! Squeal and make faces at friends, life is good.

10:00-3:00 Humans give me hay, chat with friends, listen to birds, spook at squirrels take naps in the sun. Sometimes MY human comes to play.  She seems to be on a liberty streak.  I have conveniently “forgotten” flying changes.  It is also fun to roll in the arena and throw a party for myself. After all I have been stuck in this little pen or the stall for hours. 

3:30- Hay- boring

4:00- GRAIN! FOOD! Hudson still wants mine. Not happening kid.

4:30- MY human comes here sometimes. Other humans disappear until night check.  I wonder where they go?  Why do they get to go outside?

9:00- Night check, hay-boring.  Door shut, guess it is bed time.  Waiting until morning, I wonder where the humans sleep?


Hello Friends,

Ymir and I have kept busy these last few cold/warm/rainy weeks.  The weather has been unpredictable but our routine hasn’t changed much.  We have been practicing Liberty and working on finesse to build some muscle back, he was looking a little scraggly but is hopefully back on his way to full Pooh Bear size very soon.  After a visit from the chiropractor and a new saddle fit we should be good to go!  I had the opportunity to bring him back to Thetford for a few days and a lesson with Sarah Grimm.  I have been taking lessons with Sarah and a rescue horse with great results and wanted to know just what Ymir and I could do under her guidance.


My buddy “Willie Wonka” what an amazing rescue of the sweetest horse 🙂

My main focus- getting the trailer loading and pedestal that I need to finish off my Parelli Level 4 Liberty audition.  I was not disappointed. Ymir was a bit wild with the snow falling off the roof (quite loudly).  However, like the champ he is we were able to start playing the seeking game.  It looks and feels a bit like a squeeze but the idea is to make the thing you would like them to seek either a jump or trailer or pedestal by creating a comfortable space, allowing them to go slow away and then twice as energized back.  It really works!  Although, we are still working on the slow away and turn back fast at liberty it has really increased his seeking drive.  We are now working on finishing liberty level 4.  For the last few months studying with Sarah we have been working on not being attached to the end result, and energy as a gift rather than energy being pressure to MAKE them move.  Energy as a gift puts the decision more on their side.  They can see the energy coming, hopefully read the picture the human is attempting to communicate and then move accordingly.  It is a lot of fun to play with.  Ymir has really appreciated the energy not being constant pressure but rather little bursts that can be as subtle or as big as necessary to get the picture across.  Basically, how light can you be?


He is then transferring his knowledge in principal number 8- Humans teach horses and horses teach humans.  We have been working with an 8 year old student who just adores horses.  I am trying to instill in her the love of the horse not just as a means to ride but as a living, breathing, feeling and thinking animal, and it has paid off.  Every day Ymir teaches her something new about how light to be, how to change things up and not do the same patterns all the time, and how to truly enjoy the journey with your horse.  It has been spectacular to watch them both grow and change through this process and I could not be more proud of both of them.


The Why and the What

11899972_10154184492453012_7257598482939073523_nHey there, long time no blog.  Ymir and I have returned from the wild west and settled into life back on the east coast.  The whole experience was amazing. The people, the education, right down the the food and atmosphere was something I will forever treasure.  Coming home is always something that is both familiar and changed.  Before leaving the Parelli campus in Pagossa Springs my classmates and I were handed a sheet.  On this sheet were some suggestions on how to go back into the “normal” world.  We all brushed it off, hastily packing it away with EVERYTHING else that goes along for the ride home.  If Parelli has changed one thing about how I look at the world it is psychology, horse and human.  They knew that going back would not be easy, and they tried to prepare us with a few tips and tricks.  Boy I didn’t know it would be so hard.  After living and breathing horses for ten whole weeks I was a bit lost on how to move on.  Every day was scheduled for lessons, my closest friends were a whole group of horse people (more importantly like minded horse people) and we got to PLAY every day.  Why would we leave?  The wheels keep turning and the sun rises and sets and eventually we must all move on.  We scattered to the wind. Coast to coast, and continent to continent knowing that we could never replicate what we had but trying to savor the last moments.  At the time, it was all a blur. I put my emotions in the “later” box we packed and left.  That was it, the ranch was closing for the winter and we were all leaving, very few people were left behind and the next adventure awaited us all.  But for me that next adventure was just a long blank page.  By page, I mean book.  Thousands of blank pages and writers block.

I started the journey to Pagossa as a little seed planted in my brain by my first Parelli instructor in July 2014.  In one year almost to the day I would be in Pagossa.  I had to study, audition, and plan for a year (loving most of it).  Then the day arrived and we set forth to Mecca.  For ten weeks all of my planing, all the jobs I held to help pay for tuiton, all the blogs written, the pleas for money, laughs, tears (there were plenty) paid off.  It was glorious.  But now what? Go home, get a job (non-horse related of course) and be an adult?  I am with Peter Pan- Never grow up.


Now to find a winter home for Ymir where we could continue what we worked so hard to achieve.  Wow, how spoiled we were to be living with a group of people dedicated to natural horse-man-ship.  I was almost physically sick when looking for places to board only to recognize horses that were not being allowed to be horses. Boxed, isolated, and drugged I searched for a reason why these people had horses?  Why did they ride?  To win recognition in their ‘discipline’?  For exercise?   To better their riding skills?  For (dare I say it) fun?  Certainly they are not riding for the horse- except to maybe get it out of the box it stands in all day. And to me riding a horse with enough equipment in and around its mouth to sink the poor thing in the nearest pond is not fun, for either of them.  So Why?

Then I found this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9tT7DNH720 Posted on facebook by one of Linda Parelli’s former proteges.  It has haunted me for months now.  The first quote is this “When you know your why you have options on your what can be”. Ok….. so I want to ask them their why, I guess it is time to think about mine.  So far (it is forever evolving) I play with my horse(s) because I love them.  They are amazing creatures that have so much to offer.  If I wanted to go on a hike, I might invite my best friend because we could have interesting conversations, interactions, and experiences together on this hike.  The same with my horse.  I would like to invite my horse to play so we might have interesting conversations, interactions and experiences together.  Sometimes they involve riding, sometimes online play, and sometimes at liberty.  Sometimes we play hard enough to sweat, sometimes we just hang out. A second part of my Why is to share that feeling of connection and love with other horse people.

So… If my why is to have interesting conversations, interactions and experiences together with horses and people what do I do to achieve that. The what is harder for me.  As a human, especially one in today’s society, I am almost constantly distracted by worries.  How will I pay for this? The belief that horses can’t be a career.  How can I reach people?  Did I do the right things? Do people like me?  Does my horse like me?  and the list goes on.  Now to go beyond those worries and think.  What could I do to reach for my Why?  As opportunities appear and are created I look forward to knowing and growing my Why.  The blank pages fill in, scribbles at first, a winding and twisting plot that changes every day.  But those blank pages look less like the looming abyss of OH MY GOD and more like pages to create on.  Every year is better than the last, and I look forward to whatever 2016 holds.  So go out, hug your horse. Be present in the conversation they are looking to have, and offer them someone they can look to for safety, comfort, and play (oh, and food of course 😉 ).  I leave you with what I found to be the most powerful quote from the video clip.

“When you know your why, your what has more impact because you are walking in, or towards, your purpose.” – Michael Jr.12003256_10207163077131850_4601684418665173349_n

The Best of Us

tire squeeze

Oh bother. When I first met my human, there was no way I ever thought we would be here (wherever “here” is). 8 grass seasons ago this human and my other feed bringer showed up at the place I was born. It was a wonderful place, full of horses and friends just like me. After a quick jaunt around the ring they disappeared into their stable. When they came back I was brought to a tin box, loaded (reluctantly I might add) and brought to the place I would spend the next 8 grass seasons at. Although I wasn’t sure at first, it eventually became home with friends, humans to feed us, and little humans to adore us.  

kids find Ymir wherever he goes

  Life was good. Then my human became mine, and away we went, spending the hay season in Farmington Maine and Thetford Vermont. We played, worked and traveled. Now we play work and graze.  
All of which is great, especially the grazing part because apparently in this place horses live in tiny pastures my human calls a pen. But get this, my pen has food, water, a bed and a bathroom which is convo envy located next to or even in bed! What a soft warm bed it is. I don’t understand why the human says I am a disgusting horse in the morning, I was just sleeping it is not nice to hear such a thing in the morning.  
We have also met The Man With Needles. I don’t know what I have ever done to him but after poking and proding places all over my body he stuck needles in me! And I don’t mean just one! It did make some pain go away, but really, Needles!?  

 Anyways it seemed to make my human happy and I got to graze for a while after so all is going well. The human also introduced another man. He was like the man who gives me my pedicure but he nailed on these silly heavy things to my feet. They are lighter and more comfortable than the boots my human was putting on me, but they still feel a little funny. Oooo is that my human? Maybe we will go graze? See ya later,



Hello everyone!

We have come a long way Ymir and I. He was 5 and I was 16 when we first met. I vividly remember his reluctance to come home with us, and his reaction to my sneeze when we got home, which was “JUMP”! He has since gotten used to many things, like sneezes and trailer rides and I am extreamly grateful to have him as my pony partner.  

 He is wonderful, fustrating, and funny all at the same time. He is also super smart, keeping us safe and getting us into trouble from one moment to the next. This week we went down “skooch mountain” a very steep slide hill on the ranch. I swear as he saw others going down he got more and more excited, looking over the edge and saying we should try it. I knew he could do it, he is a mountain horse after all, but I as the sure I wouldn’t faint on the way down 😉 going down that hill was one of the many times I felt him really taking care of me. Our instructions were to go as straight as possible and not let them get sideways… Easier said then done for most, but my trusty pony took us down slowly and surely with not a crooked line in sight.


skooch mountain

As we came across the country I told myself it was wrong to bring him through all this, and everyone said I would be happy to have him with me. They could not have been more right. He has been my family and rock away from home. He has kept us safe from mountains and mountain lions, and is showing me just how much he tries to please. Today in Pat’s playground he went through the tire squeeze without hesitation. He stood still as a bee buzzed around him, and he let me crawl up the tires and asked if I wanted a ride. It was so cool to see him step sideways towards where I was standing politely giving me the ok to ride.  

 I have one amazing pony, and as we enter our 4th week of intensive horsemanship training I know it will only get better 🙂 remember to hug your horse today, they do so much for us.


The learning curve

OK. She warned me. Really, I know she did. However, nothing prepared me for what was coming. I was in the tin box for THREE WHOLE DAYS! When I say whole days I mean 8 am to 1:30am more than I have ever dreamed of being in said box. And when she finally let me out… Toto I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore! Or are we? I even got a couple of trailer rubs from trying to stay on my feet over the super bumpy roads. Anyways we finally made it to a place that we seem to be staying at for a while. Sadly this place has pens not pastures but whenever we go out to ride or play I can usually get a snack 😉 We have played online, liberty, and freestyle and you would not believe the amount of circles we have had to do! The ground is as hard as a packed dirt road back home, and just as rocky. So I have been wearing my boots all day, my feet are happy but boy or boy are those this heav-y! It seems ok here and the other horses are nice and I see my human all the time, so for now I guess I can’t complain. 

My dad warned me, he said it was a long ride, but I don’t know how long! Traveling to Colorado should be done in five days not three! Ymir was a trooper, even loading after 16+ hours the day before he was wonderful. Now that we are on campus we have started to settle into a rhythm and both horses and humans seem relaxed (or is that just exhaustion?) and happy to be here. Living on campus I am often the first or second person down in the morning and Ymir is always happy to see his breakfast… Erm… Human first thing in the morning. And they have iced coffee here in the machine every morning, bonus! It has been quiet the learning experience even in the first week! We have done a little bit of everything so our instructors can get to know us and our horses. Ymir has been a trooper, and I am pleased with how much he has tried this week. For us it is hard to do what we don’t know, most of the other students have been studying for much longer than we have, but what we lack in knowledge we make up for in try 🙂 the weekends are quiet and relaxed unless we are required to go to an event and this weeks got canceled so this morning we just hung out and grazed a bit with no pressure or hurry. He also gave pony rides to a couple of course-mates who were dying to ride a fjord 😉 I am looking forward to what the next week will bring, after my nap 🙂


grazing on campus


looking out at the “big top”


the tin box …


pagosa mountains


May the Road Rise to Meet You

Oh Bother,

The little human has gone off the deep end.  We ride and play every day, twice a day.  Why so much exercise?  Is it really necessary to trot for a mile? There are some benefits to the extra attention and even the exercise.  I get a special hay-like treat.  It is like hay, but better!  She calls it “alfalfa” the carrots are an extra bonus as well 🙂  We have been on all the trails around the barn, and on both roads.  The covered bridge is no longer my enemy!  With all four boots on the roads have become bearable

Enjoying the River Road view.

Enjoying the River Road view.

and a whole new world has opened up.  We have seen ducks, bikes, motorcycles, people, and dogs.  It has been a little exciting, and a bit well, scary.  But don’t tell the human I said that, she thinks I am “the worlds bravest pony” – her words, not mine.  I am also “the best pony in the whole universe” also her words but I completely agree.


Hello everyone!

It has been a crazy last few weeks!  Ymir and I have been trying to ride twice a day leading up to our trip and it has paid off.  Monday we did some liberty work that really was fantastic.  Even when I tried to send him away he came back to me, it was a neat feeling.  Then because he was so good I just hopped on bareback and bridle-less and he did everything I asked.  I can’t put it into words how amazing it felt to be so in tune.  I hope we can keep up that work!  Meanwhile, my dad has been working endlessly to get the truck and trailer ready for our adventure.

Fourth of July Fireworks

Fourth of July Fireworks

First taking off the dump body on the truck then re-installing the fifth-wheel plate onto the frame and building a new bed around it.  He has dubbed the truck George, and so now with the the Kings George and Henry we have started a theme… We put them together for the first time in the new configuration last night and with any luck will hit the road on tuesday.

George and Henry together at last :)

George and Henry together at last 🙂

Our plans for the trip out are set, and we have gotten confirmation about the drop-off day at the Parelli campus.  It is all very close now!  I can’t believe it all started just under a year ago, and how far we have come.  Ymir and I continue to grow our relationship and my ability to speak horse every day.  We both have 5 days now of vacation while I go with my family to Maine, and he gets some much deserved rest.  Thanks to everyone who has supported us on the journey, May the horse be with you!

Putting the plate in

Putting the plate in


The truck helper, Little Grey Cat

The truck helper, Little Grey Cat